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Over a decade of experience in food science and technology, Scipertech consultants are organized to ensure all growing needs of science and technology from all facets of the food industry. Scipertech team is established to provide support to the food industry and offer customized solutions by maintaining cost-effective and in-house expertise. From strategic process development to formulation optimization, Scipertech develops and improves food industries operations. Focuses on; problem-solving by using the most updated technologies.

Scipertech has a large coast to coast collaborative network ranging from involvement with research laboratories in the food sector to universities in Quebec and Ontario, mainly.

Through its wide network, Scipertech ongoing professionalism and assistance can be a good asset for all multidisciplinary food industry’s objectives.


Hamed Vatankhah

PhD Food processing

A food processing expert, he obtained his Ph.D. from McGill University in food processing. His main area of focus is on the thermal, and non- thermal processing techniques.

Sabine Hage

MSc Bioresource engineering

Food engineer with a background in chemistry has graduated from McGill University. Her main area of expertise focuses in novel food technologies and nutraceuticals.