Scipertech team members Invited as Keynote Speakers for Ground-breaking Research at the First International Symposium on Edible Insects and Sustainable Food Security Solutions

In a landmark recognition of their pioneering efforts, a Scipertech research team membershas received the prestigious invitation to serve as keynote speakers at the inaugural International Symposium on Edible Insects and Sustainable Food Security Solutions. The symposium, set to convene in Guangzhou, China, promises to be a pivotal event in advancing discussions on the role of edible insects in addressing global food security challenges.

The team’s presentations at the symposium will offer profound insights into critical aspects of edible insect consumption and regulation, illuminating the evolving landscape of entomophagy in North America. One abstract meticulously examines the intricate regulatory frameworks surrounding edible insects in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Delving into historical trajectories and contemporary challenges, the team underscores the imperative of safety and transparency in harnessing the nutritional potential of insects.

Another abstract highlights the burgeoning practice of entomophagy in Canada, where acceptance of insects as a sustainable food source is steadily gaining momentum. Against the backdrop of increasing consumer interest, the team explores innovative products and sustainable farming practices aimed at revolutionizing the food industry. Their research underscores the transformative potential of upcycled insect products in mitigating food waste and enhancing food security.

The invitation to present at the symposium underscores the Scipertech team’s leadership in advancing the discourse on edible insects and sustainable food solutions. As they prepare to share their groundbreaking insights with a global audience, their research holds the promise of catalyzing meaningful change in the quest for a more sustainable and resilient food future.