Canada food company

Any food manufacturer’s goal is to keep food fresh, safe, and appealing, but there are new hurdles today that clean, free-from ingredients and minimal processing are in such high demand. Microbial activity, mold/yeast formation, lipid oxidation, flavour, aroma, and colour, as well as usage at home, are all factors to consider when determining shelf life. The type of technique and formulation employed, the container utilized, and the storage conditions all affect the shelf life of a meal. In the end, however, shelf-life extension necessitates the use of chemicals.

Shelf-life extension is more than just an issue of preventing mould growth; it’s also a priority to retain texture and mouthfeel while maintaining a clean label. Reformulating for a clean label while maintaining the requisite shelf life and the eating experience customers know and appreciate is daunting task. Scipertech is currently developing innovative ways to extend shelf life while reducing the need of artificial preservatives. Our solutions enable manufacturers to produce products with well-engineered physiochemical and organoleptic stability.