14 05, 2024

Our interview

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Foods like fried chicken are classified as ultra-processed foods, according to the Nova food classification system. By some estimates, Canadians consume nearly half of their caloric intake from the category. Experts agree they harm physical health, and they're also correlated with increased negative mental health, including depression and anxiety. (Al Behrman/The Associated Press) Canadians on average consume nearly half of their calories from ultra-processed foods. These are foods with added textures, colours and flavours that often contain high levels of salt, sugar and fat. Université de Montréal associate professor Jean-Claude Moubarac explains how ultra-processed foods can affect our physical and mental health, and how we can better tailor [...]

7 02, 2024

A Culinary Marvel Redefining the Dairy-Alternative Landscape

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Our team is overjoyed to witness the culmination of our efforts as Bettermoo(d) becomes available to consumers," Dr. Hamed Vatankhah, CEO of Scipertech. "This milestone underscores our unwavering commitment to pioneering advancements in food technology and enhancing the culinary landscape." From its inception, Bettermoo(d) has been a labor of love, blending cutting-edge innovation with culinary artistry. With a focus on natural ingredients and superior flavor, Bettermoo(d) promises to redefine the dairy-alternative market and captivate discerning palates worldwide. "We firmly believe that Bettermoo(d) will set a new standard for excellence in the industry," remarked Sabine Hage, Chief Product Officer at Scipertech. "Its creamy texture, rich flavor, and nutritional benefits make it [...]

7 02, 2024

First International Symposium on Edible Insects & Sustainable Food Security Solutions

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Scipertech team members Invited as Keynote Speakers for Ground-breaking Research at the First International Symposium on Edible Insects and Sustainable Food Security Solutions In a landmark recognition of their pioneering efforts, a Scipertech research team membershas received the prestigious invitation to serve as keynote speakers at the inaugural International Symposium on Edible Insects and Sustainable Food Security Solutions. The symposium, set to convene in Guangzhou, China, promises to be a pivotal event in advancing discussions on the role of edible insects in addressing global food security challenges. The team's presentations at the symposium will offer profound insights into critical aspects of edible insect consumption and regulation, illuminating the evolving [...]

18 10, 2023

10 Steps to Successful Food Product Development with Scipertech

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Food product development is a complex process that requires expert knowledge and experience. To create a successful food product requires a lot of trial and error, time, and resources. That is why it's essential to partner with experienced food consultants. Scipertech food laboratory is a Canada-based food consultant company with extensive experience in food product development. In this blog, we will explore the ten steps to successful food product development with Scipertech. Define the product idea: The first step is to define the product's idea, including the ingredients, packaging, and target audience. Scipertech food consultants will work with you to refine your idea, select the right ingredients, and help you [...]

15 09, 2023

Scipertech est votre entreprise de développement de produits alimentaires à Montréal.

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La nourriture n'est plus seulement un besoin fondamental, elle est devenue une expérience que nous chérissons. Qu'il s'agisse d'un dîner raffiné ou d'un en-cas sain, nous attendons de la qualité et de l'innovation. C'est dans cette optique qu'il a été créé, développement de produits alimentaires est devenu un aspect essentiel de la réussite d'une organisation. L'entreprise montréalaise Scipertech est à l'avant-garde dans ce domaine, en fournissant des services et des solutions de développement de produits alimentaires avancés qui sont adaptés aux besoins uniques des entreprises alimentaires. Scipertech est une entreprise qui se targue d'être innovante et qui adopte une approche audacieuse et ambitieuse pour chaque projet qu'elle entreprend. L'esprit d'innovation [...]

15 09, 2023

Scipertech is your food product development company in Montreal.

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Food is no longer just a basic need; it has become an experience that we cherish. Whether we're heading out for a fancy dinner or indulging in a healthy snack, we expect quality and innovation. With that in mind, food product development has become a critical aspect of an organization's success. Montreal-based Scipertech is leading the charge in this field, providing advanced food product development services and solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of food companies' unique requirements. Scipertech is a company that prides itself on innovation, taking a bold and ambitious approach to every project it undertakes. The team's innovative spirit coupled with deep culinary knowledge provides [...]

15 09, 2023

Revolutionize Food Product Development with Scipertech

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The food industry is an ever-changing, competitive market with constantly evolving consumer tastes and preferences. With the demand for innovative, healthy, and sustainable food products on the rise, food companies need to stay ahead of the game. This is where Scipertech comes in as a leading food product development company with a track record of enabling businesses to thrive. In this post, we will talk about how Scipertech can revolutionize food product development for your brand. Innovative and Tailored Solutions Scipertech makes use of its vast knowledge and expertise to offer innovative solutions to food companies. The company understands what it takes to create products that meet the needs and [...]

15 09, 2023

Harness the Power of Food Product Development with Scipertech

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Are you a food business owner looking to develop a new product or streamline your production process? Look no further than Scipertech, the premier food product development company in Canada. With their expert team of food consultants, your business can harness the power of innovation and stay ahead of the competition. Here are just a few of the ways Scipertech can help your business thrive: Concept Development: Scipertech's team of food consultants can help turn your ideas into reality. They'll work closely with you to understand your goals, preferences, and customer base. From there, they'll create a roadmap for the product development process, including concept development, prototyping, and testing. Formulation: [...]

15 09, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Food Product Development with Scipertech

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Are you planning to launch a new food product into the market, but don't know where to start? Or have you been struggling with product development and need guidance from experienced professionals? Scipertech is a leading food product development company in Canada that offers a wide range of services to help food businesses grow. In this blog, we'll discuss everything you need to know about food product development with Scipertech. What is Food Product Development? Food product development is a series of processes that involve researching, designing, testing, and launching a new food product into the market. It is an essential step for any food business that wants to stay [...]

14 09, 2023

Cost-Nutrition Balance: A Scipertech Innovation

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Introduction: Optimization of costing is a critical parameter in the survival of businesses, especially during their initial phases. Scipertech's engineering lab has harnessed computational techniques with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize product formulation. This article explores Scipertech's strategies for optimizing food formulations, focusing on enhancing nutritional composition while reducing ingredient costs, and vice versa. These techniques are not only economically prudent but also align with the evolving demands of health-conscious consumers and sustainable food practices. Strategy 1: Similar Cost – Improved Nutritional Value: In many instances, it is possible to enrich the nutritional content of products without increasing costs. For example, increasing protein content while simultaneously reducing [...]