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Food Process design

Chain process development for complex production strategies to facilitate the production line and track critical control points (CCPs).

    1. Focusing on how best we can support the designing facility inside by creative and safe, efficient, sanitary, and high-quality food production space.
    2. Design of fully integrated systems of complete 3-dimensional process equipment
    3. Clean-in-place and sanitation system design (CIP/SIP) that include fully engineered solution centers in larger facilities and systems for specialized cleaning equipment.
    4. Thermal processing system design for liquid products, pasteurization, sterilization, aseptic processing and the drying processes of food products
    5. Regulatory compliance with additional food safety HACCP programs

Food process modeling and simulations

Scipertech consultants deeply acknowledge and understand the physicochemical properties of food and the engineering basis of each processing step leading to predictive process models useful for process control units and design engineering applications.

    1. Help analyze solutions and options prior to capital investments
    2. Process simulation with focus on the necessary parameters to meet production demand such as batch times and flow rates, sizing of tanks to perfectly suiting the needs to the specific applications.
    3. Packaging simulations increasing line performance taking into consideration some important conditions machine failures and recoveries, and other parameters that might affect the efficiency of the line.

Equipment design

Scipertech customize designing of food process equipment to meet costumers’ expectations and requirements.

Process validation

Ensuring the process quality and efficiency for both thermal and non-thermal processing complying with the food safety regulations and quality standards.

Product development and Formulation design

Scipertech turn ideas into successful formulations. Team experts in product development include food formulation and flavor matching. Also, the production costs could be optimized through Scipertech reformulation strategies.

Labeling and Packaging

Scipertech team is committed to a Clean label including organic, non-GMO and Allergen-free products as well as a customized packaging to meet the needs of a wider range of costumers health concerns.

    1. Our background and expertise in designing food and beverage packaging is extensive and can serve you in-house with a wide variety of unique materials, process and configurations, cost-effective and with fully-equipped model design.
    2. Our team is committed to providing solutions regarding clean label issues including organic, non-GMO, plant-based, low-calorie, low-fat, and Allergen-free as well as customized packaging strategies to meet the expectations of the costumer’s health concerns.

Project management

Various projects are planned, executed and controlled through Scipertech experienced team members to save costumer’s time and money while delivering the best results.

    1. Promote strategic project management not only limited to the execution of projects but also, using our expertise and knowledge to prioritize the needed actions and take influential decisions. ​
    2. We always believe in maintaining quality criteria along with your organizational expectations.

Shelf-life studies

Accelerated shelf-life testing is conducted where the qualitative, and quantitative analysis of chemical, sensorial and microbiological properties of the product is studied.

Food safety, Preventive Control Plan (PCP), HACCP

Scipertech consults the food industry to help them comply with the effective control of food safety and application of PCP, GMPs, HACCP, FSMA preventive control, and GFSI standards. Scipertech also provides internal audit and assist them with preparation and submission of certification applications.

    1. Adhere to PCP, HACCP and SQF principles in all projects
    2. Identification, reduction and mitigation of hazards done on a regularly using managed planning.
    3. Yielding safer plants by controlling allergens, chemicals, and microbiological hazards and designing proper working layout by maintaining the most hygienic zones in food process plants and sanitary practices while staying up-to-date with the evolving regulations.

Scale up and Commercialization

Launching products from initial brainstorming is a time-consuming and overwhelming task that can be simplified and achievable by our professional team of food product developers.

  1. Our finance and marketing department provides business plans and feasibility studies for entrepreneurs to reduce investment risks and present the best possible ways to bring ideas into realities.


Scipertech will assist the food industry to update standards, operational instructions and address other processing and safety problems through its virtual learning, class sessions and workshops.

  1. Our finance and marketing department provides business plans and feasibility studies for entrepreneurs to reduce investment risks and present the best possible ways to bring ideas into realities.