New Product Development 

Scipertech team is comprised of an experienced and unique community, which enables them to stay current on emerging trends and customer preferences. Scipertech will provide you with creative, clean label, and innovative products that are certain to satisfy your requirements.

Scipertech turn ideas into successful formulations. Team experts in product development include food formulation and flavour matching. The production costs is optimized through Scipertech in-house proprietary strategies.

Whether it’s an added-value product, a natural product free of preservatives, or a health food designation, Scipertech go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

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Food Process Design

Chain process development for complex production strategies to facilitate the production line and track critical control points (CCPs).

Scipertech consultants deeply acknowledge and understand the physicochemical properties of food and each processing step’s engineering basis, leading to predictive process models useful for process control units and design engineering applications.

Scipertech ensure the process quality and efficiency for thermal and non-thermal processing, complying with the food safety regulations and quality standards.


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Shelf-life Studies

Food spoilage and deterioration continue to be a source of concern for food industries and consumers, resulting in excess waste.

Understanding the major elements that affect product shelf life including storage, ingredients, and packaging to continually provide top-quality and healthy goods for their customers.

The Scipertech team contributes to the production of new and creative foods and beverages by conducting in-depth analysis of product efficiency and stability. They conduct niche shelf life tests for companies of all sizes to identify and refine their best solutions.

Accelerated shelf-life testing is conducted where the qualitative, and quantitative of the product’s chemical, sensorial and microbiological properties are studied.

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Scale up & Commercialization

The journey of a food product from concept to a market staple involves several transitions, one of which is the technology transfer and scale-up from a small, experimental model to full-scale commercial production. Our engineering team works meticulously to ensure that this transition is seamless, efficient, and maintains the highest level of quality control. 

Scipertech R&D and Business management  department provides scale up services, business plans and feasibility studies for entrepreneurs to reduce investment risks and present the best possible ways to bring ideas into reality.

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