If you’re a food business looking for the right formulation expert to help you develop your product, look no further than Scipertech. Located in Montreal, Scipertech is a food formulation and processing expert that focuses on helping food manufacturing businesses create their own unique products. With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, they have the know-how to help you make your vision a reality.

What Does Scipertech Do?

Scipertech is a full-service food processing and formulation laboratory. They work with clients to identify their needs, develop the best solution for their product, and provide the technical expertise necessary to bring it to market. From concept development and product testing to scaling up production and packaging, they can take care of every step of the process. They even offer consulting services if you need help with marketing or distribution strategies.

In addition to helping clients with their existing products, Scipertech can also provide new ideas and formulations for products that don’t exist yet. They specialize in creating innovative formulations or food processes for healthy snacks, energy bars, vegan-friendly products, meal replacements, and more. And because they use only clean labels and natural ingredients in their formulations, there are no artificial preservatives or additives used in the products they create. This ensures that customers get only the highest quality products when they purchase from companies working with Scipertech.

Benefits of Working With Scipertech

When it comes to food processing and formulation experts, there are few better than Scipertech of Montreal. Their team has an impressive knowledge base when it comes to creating new recipes and developing existing ones into something even better. Furthermore, they ensure that all of their processes meet stringent safety standards while still delivering high-quality results. And because they offer consultation services as well as product development assistance, customers can rest assured knowing that every aspect of their project is taken care of by experienced professionals who understand the ins and outs of running a successful food business in Canada today.


Scipertech is an experienced food formulator in Montreal that offers complete solutions for any business looking for help with developing or improving its products. With over 100 years of combined experience helping businesses create healthy food,  beverages and meals using natural ingredients and sophisticated recipes, there’s no better place to turn for all your food formulation needs than Scipertech! So if you’re looking for expert advice or just need some help getting started on your next big project, contact them today! You won’t be disappointed!